How to Develop Spotify-Similar Solution: App Idea, Features, Steps to Follow, and More

Spotify-Like App

Music can be with you everywhere due to mobile apps for streaming equipped with modern technologies. They allow you to listen to your favorite tracks even if you’re busy with other activities. Spotify is one of the most famous apps, allowing people to stay with music everywhere they want.

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This app is a widely used one, so it’s not surprising that many entrepreneurs want to replicate Spotify’s success and become working on similar ideas. Our post will enlighten the details about successfully making a Spotify-like digital product. Let’s start!

Starting Point: Spotify Core Idea

Before building a streaming app similar to Spotify, you should first investigate the concept and technology behind it. So, let’s start with definitions to dive deeper into the essence of the subject. 

Spotify is a digital audio/video streaming service for legal content listening and watching without downloading it to a user’s device. People can operate with music or video for free; however, the advanced functionality should be paid to get Spotify Premium and obtain an opportunity to operate more effectively with the content. 

Spotify services are available for everybody: but you need to start with registering

How does this streaming giant work? It assists users in dealing with content instantly. When you choose a particular music track or video, Spotify searches for nearby devices that have this content cached instead of streaming the track from a single central server. It should be mentioned that the data is transferred not from only one user, but the service is capable of compiling a specific video, song, or an entire playlist from little pieces kept on several devices.

​​Additionally, there are no delays when switching tracks. When the first song from your favorite singer’s album is played, the second one is already prepared. If you decide to abruptly alter the typical sequence of the tracks, Spotify automatically adapts and leverages its intelligent engine for quick and precise music streaming. 

After Spotify’s operating mechanism work is clear, let’s discuss how to develop audio streaming app functioning like the above-described. 

How to Develop a Spotify-Similar Solution?

All software projects, regardless of the domain they are related to, go through several stages of development. So, let’s discuss the essentials you should know to create a Spotify-similar app.

When you start working on the Spotify-similar app concept, licensing is the first thing you should care about. It means you should get the rights to legally distribute video or audio to stream these pieces of intellectual property. For example, you may apply to The Broadcast Music Incorporated or The American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers to obtain public performance rights for streaming music in America. In case your service is targeted at the European market, you can discuss licensing issues directly with The European Stage Authors and Composers. 

You can facilitate your task with preparing the Spotify-similar app creation and its development and after-development activities by contacting the skilled outsourcing software development vendor with in-depth expertise in making such kinds of solutions. 

Now it’s high time to talk about how Spotify-like software is created. After you’ve selected the software development provider that will assist you in creating a cost-effective digital product for streaming audio and video content, the specialists will give you a comprehensive consultation as to all the business issues you may have, as well as offer you complete solutions to the said issues. They’ll also conduct researches (e.g., target audience or market research) necessary to build effective software that matches your business issues and satisfies customers. 

Your software will go through a path from a bare concept to a full-fledged solution passing over the following stages:

Discovery. The developers will discuss the early project requirements (like platforms to cover, feature list you would like to implement, etc.) and help you turn them into a clear step-by-step plan for upcoming project development. 

Spotify-Like App

Basic features your Spotify-like app must have

Design stage. In order to create a Spotify-like app interface (which is time-consuming and complex flow), the vendor usually utilizes several specialists’ work rather than one designer. These experts strive to make a user-friendly interface that will also be easy to navigate for future customers.

Development and QA. When your streaming app interface is ready, the designers hand the work over to the developers, who start coding the pre-defined feature list and bring it to life. This flow is divided into sprints — short timepieces (about 2-4 weeks), after which a part of functionality or an entire app is developed. 

The QA engineers check every piece of functionality for bugs after each of the sprints. If the bug is found, they prepare bug reports for the developers to make hotfixes.

Release. After the QA team has finished the last checks, the experts can release your Spotify-like streaming app. For this purpose, they publish it in the marketplaces (Google Play, App Store, or both) to make it available for users to download. 

Support and maintenance. The cooperation with the vendor isn’t ended up when the Spotify-like app is built and released. The vendor continues caring about it, improving it, and adding new functionality according to the early users’ feedback.

Cost to Create a Spotify-Like Solution

The question about the development costs needed to build a Spotify-like solution is also essential for the entrepreneurs. They need to know it in order to wisely plan their budget. According to different estimates, a total price for streaming app development may vary from $70,000 to $150,000 depending on different factors. All the factors and points containing in the total price will be sufficiently described in the vendor estimates. 

Summing Up

A development of a streaming solution like Spotify is a complex process. In order to simplify your job with preparations to app creation and the development itself, you can apply to an experienced software development company that will help you gain the aims set for your project. The skilled specialists will carefully guide you through the development process and deliver you a profitable digital product, which will attract more customers to your business and fit your company needs. 

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Yuliya Melnik is a technical writer at Cleveroad. It is a web and mobile app development company in Ukraine. She is passionate about innovative technologies that make the world a better place and loves creating content that evokes vivid emotions.

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