Five International Starbucks Beverages You Should Know About

Starbucks Beverages

Starbucks customers are well-versed in the company’s broad beverage menu. Aside from the basics, there’s a continually shifting range of seasonal options, not to mention the ever-expanding list of Starbucks world menu items. However, if you are just acquainted with what is available in the United States, you are losing out on a wide universe of beverages provided by the coffee business. Starbucks, which has locations in 80 countries, does an excellent job of adapting to diverse cultures, providing special things such as regional-specific drinks made from local favorites such as carob in Peru and mugwort in Eastern Asia. It also creates new drinks by drawing inspiration from its global clients and the tastes they prefer.

The Starbucks International menu items listed below contain both familiar and unusual components. The variety demonstrates how much consideration Starbucks takes into designing drinks that are sure to impress locals no matter where the firm operates.

Banana Split Frappuccino

Starbucks debuted the eye-catching Banana Split Frappuccino earlier this year as a seasonal summer drink throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. The caramelised banana sauce, whipped cream, and chocolate ingredients provided by the mocha sauce and mocha drizzle convert the traditional ice cream dish into something drinkable. (The only thing lacking is the traditional cherry on top – bring your own maraschinos to make up for this.)

This Frappuccino is not only delicious, but it is also visually appealing. The drink has a tri-layered look with brown, white, and yellow levels, making it perfect for Instagram. Customers who do not like coffee but still want to enjoy Starbucks products may request this beverage with a crème base.

Passionfruit Raspberry Frappuccino

The Passionfruit Raspberry Frappuccino combines delicious and creamy tastes well. Starbucks introduced this drink in the summer of 2022, making it accessible in the same areas where the Banana Split Frappuccino was available (Europe, the Middle East, and Africa). This blended beverage has a vanilla layer as well as strong tastes of passionfruit and raspberry.

Of course, a Frappuccino isn’t complete without whipped cream, but this one is extra unique since the topping also contains a coating of pink sugar crystals. The basis of the drink is made with whole milk and simple syrup, giving it a typical Frappuccino flavour. The blended beverage was undoubtedly the summer Frappuccino of choice for Starbucks customers who prefer fruity tastes over beverages laden with chocolate or caramel.

Lcuma Crème Frappuccino

The Lcuma Crème Frappuccino is exclusively available at Starbucks shops in Peru. Cucuma sauce adds a lovely golden hue to the blended beverage. The Peruvian lcuma fruit is slightly sweet with caramel undertones and is often used in sweets and beverages (through Lcuma designs). However, since the fruit is not suitable for exporting due to its short shelf life, it seldom leaves the few nations where it is cultivated.

Keep in mind that this is a crème-based Frappuccino, not a coffee-based one. Aside from the tropical fruit foundation, the beverage is made with milk and topped with whipped cream. To put it another way, reserve this one for dessert.

Brigadeiro Frappuccino

Brigadeiros are one of the legendary Brazilian dishes that you must taste before you die. In a nutshell, they’re sprinkle-covered chocolate spheres that make for a delectable treat — not to mention a perfect idea for a Starbucks beverage. The Brigadeiro Frappuccino is a regular menu item for the brand throughout Latin America, and it is regarded as one of the top five beverages available in the area. This blended beverage has been available at Starbucks for over a decade.

Regular and white mocha sauces are blended with ice, milk, and other various components to form the beverage foundation. There are also chocolate chip add-ins and sprinkles to make it more evocative of the dish to which it is a tribute.

Mont Blanc Latte

Starbucks Japan offered each region’s Coffee Ambassadors the option to develop an autumn-inspired beverage that the business would serve in shops, and each creative provided a distinctive invention, including the Mont Blanc Latte. Inspired by the beverage’s eponymous French dessert, it has a foundation of Starbucks Blonde Espresso, whipped cream topping, and traces of almonds (specifically, chestnuts). Baristas make this drink using plant-based milk (specifically, oat milk) rather of dairy milk.

An axolotl is a sort of salamander that is a well-known emblem in Mexican culture, according to National Geographic. Unfortunately, it is endangered, and Mexicans have been attempting to increase awareness of its situation. Cordero stated how she imagined the drink to be vivid and reflect an axolotl, noting how the strawberry garnishes depict the salamander’s gills in an interview uploaded on Starbucks Mexico’s official YouTube channel.

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