Cryptocurrencies You Should Buy The Next Week

cryptocurrencies you should buy

Cryptocurrency is a virtual means of payment that never relies on banks for transaction verification. It is a P2P payment system that allows anybody to transfer money anywhere. Cryptocurrency payments exist solely as virtual records to a decentralized ledger identifying specific transactions, rather than as tangible cash moved around and shared in the actual life. Transactions involving cryptocurrencies are stored in blockchains. Crypto wallets are where cryptocurrency is kept. Bitcoin is the largest cryptocurrency. But it is not the only one. Besides Bitcoin, there are many cryptocurrencies you should buy next week. Below are those promising cryptos. 

Cryptocurrencies You Should Buy After This Week

1. Solana

Solana(SOL) sprang into the market last year, attracting a flurry of new projects, decentralized apps, and DeFi backers with its seamless, developer-friendly environment. Solana has become a Web3 standard, and many speculators regard it as a rising rival to Ethereum. Its rapid transfers and low transaction charges compared to other cryptos have rendered the blockchain technology more approachable to average users. Given the high reliability of its new tech, the SOL currency has been pounded along with the larger crypto collapse and is now trading around $30, which is a steep decrease from its all-time high last year. 

2. Avalanche

Whenever a business is sufficiently big, numerous victors might emerge. This is true in the world of DeFi, where Ethereum has its dominance. However, blockchains such as Avalanche are competing for a piece of the pie. AVAX has risen over 500% when the last year just began, rising to over $23 now from $3. Each day the anticipated Ethereum “Merge” incident does not occur is a triumph for reduced charges and fast systems like Avalanche. The AVAX of Avalanche is the next big cryptocurrency you should look for after Solana. You can add it as the second crypto in your portfolio. 

3. Polygon

Polygon, which has a worth of roughly $4.6 billion, wants to accelerate crypto adoption by enhancing Ethereum’s durability. Polygon’s innovation seeks to enable theoretically infinite decentralized software, or dApps, to operate on Ethereum, therefore increasing its usefulness to the public. Ultimately, tying DeFi’s destiny to the leading provider has proven to be a profitable wager. Polygon is attempting to gain control during Terra’s catastrophic downfall by enticing Terra’s creators to migrate to their ecosystem. Recently, the Polygon network was hacked. It is better to keep your MATIC tokens in an individual wallet rather than an exchange. Cold wallets are better. 

4. BNB

BNB is Binance’s own coin running on the Binance Smart Chain. It represents a bet on a dominating and rising environment that is assisting to bring the people into the crypto realm. According to trade statistics, Binance’s volume of trading is more than the trading volume of Ethereum, the largest altcoin, itself. Ethereum is perhaps the main challenger because it boasts several successful decentralized initiatives that are impacting the rapid expansion of the crypto field. BNB is now the fifth-largest cryptocurrency. It has successfully eliminated Dogecoin and XRP from their positions.  The market cap is more than $1 billion now. 

5. KuCoin

KuCoin is the last crypto on the list because many investors are busy with other cryptocurrencies right now. The market valuation of KuCoin is $1.7 billion. Despite its small volume, this crypto has performed better than the crypto market in its entirety in 2022. It fell approximately 21% until this month. In reality, the fairly unknown coin’s worth has practically quadrupled in the last year to approximately $17. The value of KuCoin is maintained by the KuCoin exchange. The KuCoin exchange has a price protection strategy for its native coin. 

You must keep this altcoin in your crypto portfolio. 

Use Day Trading And Scalping

The day trading method entails entering and quitting bets on a similar day. A trader’s goal in engaging in such a transaction is to profit from intraday price swings in crypto of his or her preference. For a single-day purchase, purchasers sometimes are dependent on technical indicators to determine entry and exit locations for certain coins. The scalping method entails increasing trade volumes in order to earn. Despite the danger, a wise trader considers the margin need and other crucial guidelines to prevent negative trading experiences. Follow a crypto platform for your review on exchanges. Coinbase review and others are readily available. 

Final Thoughts

So, these are the top cryptocurrencies you should buy this week. If you want to make the most profits out of the cryptocurrencies I have described above, you must use day trading or scalping. You should diversify your portfolio and never trade with a single cryptocurrency. Nothing can be said about the crypto market. Last year, even during the global crisis, cryptocurrencies were performing better than stocks. 2022 is still a good year if you want to purchase Bitcoin and Ethereum because they have fallen more than half their value. However, keep yourself crypto-updated while making a move.

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