How to Choose the Right Hotel for Your Trip


Even experienced travelers sometimes book unsuccessful hotels, hostels, and apartments. Most often, tourists choose bad vacation rentals due to their own inattention. Some do not have time to read reviews on different sites and additional conditions, while others do not want to find out the details from the hotel administrator or apartment owner.

It often happens that people choose a hotel on an aggregator site. There are beautiful photos and a good descriptions, but in fact, when a tourist arrives at the place, it turns out that in reality, everything looks completely different from the pictures. In order not to fall into such a trap, in this article we will tell you what you need to pay attention to before booking accommodation. And if you get bored while traveling – then we have a recommendation for your entertainment – try visiting the tonybet live casino platform.

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Safety and comfort level of the area

Even in the most beautiful and attractive cities for tourists in Europe and America, there are disadvantaged areas that even local residents bypass. In many cities of the world, there are many comfortable areas for recreation and tourism: there are neat houses with lawns, modern museums, art objects, and trendy cafes. But there are also disadvantaged areas with high crime rates. Tourists shouldn’t go there either.

Before choosing a hotel, study which areas are safe and which are not. When choosing a hotel, try to choose exactly those areas that have a good reputation and are safe.

Distance from the hotel to the main attractions

If the hotel is close to the main attractions, tourists can save time and money on the road. But in the center, housing is usually more expensive. Therefore, a budget option is a hotel near the metro or bus stop, located 15-20 minutes’ drive from museums.

It should be borne in mind that on the website of many aggregators, distances are often indicated as if the road was being laid directly. But in reality, it takes longer. It is better to remember this before the trip.

If you have to walk from a hotel or apartment for a long time to a stop, and then go with transfers, you will spend a lot of time and get tired on the road. If you take a taxi, you will spend the money that you saved on accommodation. Sometimes it seems that living on the outskirts is more profitable, but such savings are not always justified. Therefore, when choosing a hotel, choose a compromise – not the very center, but not the outskirts of the city either.

Restaurants and shops nearby

Nightlife lovers may even like it if there is a bar, karaoke, or restaurant on the ground floor of the hotel or in the neighboring building. And for those who prefer to relax at night, it will be difficult to fall asleep due to loud music. Alas, silence laws do not apply everywhere. In a small town in Guangdong province, a friend of mine was arguing with the Chinese at 1:00 a.m. because they sang loudly in a karaoke bar on weekends. This did not help for long: the next weekend, music lovers had a party again. They sang just awful.

Each country may have its own cultural and religious characteristics, which you should read about in advance on forums or social networks. For example, in Muslim countries, you should not settle near a mosque if you do not want to wake up to the cries of the muezzin.

If you plan to cook on your own while traveling, or if you don’t take small things with you, hoping to buy them on the spot, check the maps to see if there are shops there and how far they are located. It is convenient when there is a shop near the hotel or apartment where you can buy water, a snack, and the necessary little things like a band-aid or shampoo.

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