Stop Comparing and Start Living

Most of us see the folly of attempting to compare ourselves to others. We would gladly concede that it is never beneficial. Here are topic about Stop Comparing yourself

We do it all the time, whether it’s comparing the size of our house, our income, our physical characteristics, or any number of other quantifiable (and even unmeasurable) things. However, there are several issues:

  1. We frequently make incorrect comparisons. We live in a world that excels in measuring and comparing externals because we can most readily compare things that can be objectively measured. We determined somewhere along the road that comparing clothing, vehicles, homes, incomes, attractiveness, or Twitter followers might indicate who is having a more important life. Externals, on the other hand, are rarely a useful indicator. Self-worth has never been measured by net worth.
  2. We are always comparing our worst to their greatest. Comparing your life to others is always a losing proposition since there will always be those who “look” to be better off and live the perfect life than you. After all, we constantly compare our worst ideas about ourselves to our greatest preconceptions about others. Be warned: their lives are never as perfect as your imagination portrays them to be.
  3. The game of comparison has no end. You may compare yourself to yourself in an unlimited number of categories… You may compare yourself to an almost endless number of individuals. You will never, ever find an end to that path once you start down it.
  1. Life isn’t a straight line. In any case, how you compare yourself to others has no bearing on your life. It just does not matter. It is not the purpose of life to be better than half of the people on the earth. The purpose of life is to be the best version of yourself.
  2. Comparing yourself to others causes you to focus on the incorrect person. You only have power over one life: your own. We squander valuable energy focusing on other people’s lives rather than our own when we constantly compare ourselves to others.
  3. Comparison takes away your delight. Comparing yourself to others will always make you lament what you aren’t instead of allowing you to appreciate life for who you are. It will always take the joy and happiness that is within your grasp… and position it just out of reach.

The harmful tendency of comparing oneself to others has stolen many happy lives. When we compare ourselves to others, we lose our appreciation, joy, and contentment.

More importantly, it keeps us from completely experiencing our lives. It encourages us to enviously seek out someone else’s life rather than our own. It takes away our most valuable possession: life itself. While the desire to compare will probably never go away entirely, there are some practical actions we may take to overcome it.

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