Do a barrel roll and Google it – 22 Super Cool Tricks!!

Do a barrel roll

Google Search Games (Tricks) to Try in Your Spare Time!

Google is a tool that can be utilized for much more than just looking up odd stuff and passing the time! Next time you have a spare minute, check out these interesting Google tricks and games like Google bar roll and gravity!

P.S. Make sure you enable “Never show quick results” in Google Search settings first!

Trick #1: Perform a Barrel Roll (Do a Barrel Roll 20 times & 10 times)

Do you think a barrel roll is a technique or an interesting trick? If someone searches for “Do A Barrel Roll,” they will see the entire screen whirling in 360°. It’s rather impressive.

This technique is really simple to perform.

Start Google Chrome.

Enter “Do A Barrel Roll” in the search bar.
If you enter, this website will be
Click on the website that resembles this one.
You’ll see a lot of alternatives here that you may use to do the same thing.

  • Do a Barrel Roll Twice
  • Do a Barrel Roll 5-6 Times
  • Google do a barrel roll 100 times
  • Do a Barrel Roll 10000 Times
  • Do a Barrel Roll 20 Times
  • Do a barrel roll 2 times?
  • Do a barrel roll *10
  • Do a Barrel Roll 5-6 Times
  • Do a barrel roll 10 times
  • Do a barrel roll 20 times
  • Do a barrel roll twice
  • Do a barrel roll 100 times
  • Do a barrel roll 1,000,000 times
  • Do a barrel roll 1000 times
  • Do a barrel roll 5 times
  • Do a barrel roll fast
  • Google do a barrel roll 10 times
  • Google do a barrel roll

If you click the option 20 times, it will roll 20 times each minute.

Do a Barrel Roll History

This is just one of many Easter eggs provided by Google Chrome. 

This is the most recent of several Google easter eggs. 

According to sources, this concept was inspired by Nintendo’s Star Fox. 

A space-pilot rabbit named Peppy urges Fox McCloud the Fox McCloud character to “perform the barrel roll” in that cartoon video game.

What browsers are supported by Barrel Roll?

Only three browsers support this method.

  1. Firefox
  2. Google Chrome
  3. Safari


What exactly is a barrel roll?

Here’s how to go to this page: Enter “perform a barrow roll” into the search box. Enter, and your stomach will churn in an instant. The entire screen will be flipped upside down before rolling back to its original position.

Roll a Z or RR barrel.

In the best Star Fox game, players would have to press R or L twice to do the Barrel Roll. In Star Fox 64, players must press Z, R Z, or R twice to accomplish the Barrel Roll. In Star Fox Adventures, the player must hold both buttons until they are pressed to initiate a Barrel Roll.

What exactly does a barrel roll imply?

The Aileron roll is an aerobatic technique that allows an aeroplane to rotate 360 degrees about its longitude. This is a typical maneuver taught in beginner aerobatics training.

Trick #2: Use Google Gravity.

Using this approach, watch the homepage tumble to the ground. Go to Google’s website and type in Google gravity’. Ignore the auto-suggestions and instead select “I’m feeling lucky.” You may also use your mouse to move the pieces around! Google techniques like Google gravity guarantee that you never run out of things to do!

Big Answers to Perplexing Questions

If you’re aware of cool Google tactics, you’ll be unable to resist attempting them. Find the answers to essential questions, such as life’s questions or the universe’s questions, and you’ll be astounded.

“Make Google Do a Barrel Roll and 6 Other Crazy Tricks!” as a bonus!

Trick #3: Thanos (Google Trick)

When you’re bored online, Google tactics for entertainment are a breath of fresh air. Fans of the Marvel film will appreciate Google’s gimmick. Simply type Thanos into the search box and you’ll be able to view the magic while holding the gauntlet. It will give you a preview of the flick. Find out more about Google search game hints.

Trick #4: Google Sky

If galaxies and stars fascinate you, This Google trick (google play game) will be a lot of fun for you. This should absolutely be on your list of Google techniques. You only need to use Google Sky. Click on the link to Google Sky and you’ll be in space, learning more about stars, celestial objects, and so on.

Trick #5: Joey Tribianni (Google Search Game)

If you’re a FRIENDS fan, you’ll be blown away by this. Simply put Joey Tribianni into the search field, and Wikipedia material about Joey will appear in the upper right-hand corner. Simply click the pizza symbol within the “description box to see Joey come to life.

Trick #6: Play Pacman (Google Trick Game)

Isn’t Pacman a game that everyone enjoys? Here’s how to play it on your browser. To play, go to the Google homepage and enter “Pacman.” Click the link ‘Click here to play and you’re done! Tadaa! Another of our favorite Google tricks (search games on Google) is also a lot of fun!

Trick #7: Go Play With Any Of The Google Doodles!

You could be missing your favorite doodle. Every Google drawing Google has ever generated may be revisited and played with! We adore these Google trickery games! You may play them all by clicking this link.

Trick #8: Play the Google Search game in Atari Breakout

The images you see in your Google search may become a block-breaker game! Go to Google’s home page and type ‘Atari breakout’ into the search bar. Then, go to pictures and choose the first image. Viola! Your adventure is about to begin! Aren’t you having a great time with these fantastic Google techniques (google search game)?

“2019 Google Easter Eggs” as a bonus!

Trick #9: Flip A Coin

Use this method if you don’t have a coin to flip yet need to flip one. You may go to Google and type in “Flip Coin” and press enter. What better item to toss than a coin? Do you want to play some more Google trick games (search games) to keep your wits about you?

Trick #10: Zerg Rush

When you type zerg rush into Google, a number of zeros will appear on your screen. Click them to eliminate the zombies, but if you don’t, they’ll swallow all of your search results! Wicked

Check it out to learn about additional fascinating Google techniques (search games)!

Trick #11: Google Sphere – Google Trick Game

Enter Google sphere on the Google site and click “I’m feeling lucky.” Within a few minutes, the web page’s components will take on the shape of a circle! It’s one of our favorite Google tricks (google search game)!

Trick #12: Google Pirate

Do you like pirates, matey? This is fantastic! Go to Google’s homepage. Enter ‘Google pirate’ on the Google home page and click “I’m feeling lucky.” Google will start displaying everything in pirate slang. Examine the pink outline portion of the picture. Here are some clever Google tactics that make Google even more enjoyable to use!

Trick #13: Google Mirror

Make everything into a mirror image. Go to the Google homepage, key in “Google mirror,” and then click “I’m feeling lucky.” Mirror, mirror on the web, and who is the wisest of them all? Can Google improve on its incredible Google tricks?

Trick #14: The Walk To Mordor – Google Trick

This option is for fans of Lord of the Rings. Simply start Google Maps and enter the following to find directions from ‘The Shire’ or ‘Rivendell’ to ‘Mordor.’ Google will generate an itinerary for you (complete with caution!

Trick #15: Speak Klingon

For all of you Star Trek enthusiasts out there, Google has a Klingon version you may look at when you have some free time, even if you don’t understand a single word it says!

Trick #16: Google Askew

Another intriguing Google trick you can attempt is putting “askew” in Google’s search box, which can tilt its head on its own. The same thing happens if you write ’tilt’ into the search bar!

Trick #17: Add Your Name to Google

If you’ve ever wanted to personalize Google with your own name and address, Google offers a tip for you! Enter ‘Goglogo’ into Google’s search box, then choose “I’m feeling lucky.” If you put your name into the ‘Goglogo search box,’ you’ll receive a customized Google homepage!

Trick #18: Slay Some Dragons – Google Trick

The following Google technique is created exclusively for Google spreadsheets. Shift with “F12” to summon dragons you could have killed!

You now know the Google homepage hacks you should consider the next time you have some free time!

Trick #19: Anagram

Anagram is another well-known and entertaining Google trick you should be aware of. When you put “Anagram” into Google, the search engine asks you, saying, “Did you mean nag a ram?” An anagram is a phrase or word that is formed by altering the letters of a word. For example, silence is a shortened form of listening.

Trick #20: Kerning

Kerning is another excellent Google method for creating space between letters. To put this wonderful Google trick to the test, simply search the phrase ‘kerning’ and scroll down to see every time it comes in searches; you’ll notice a little change between characters.

Trick #21: Smarty Pins(Google Search Game)

One of the finest Google search games is Smarty Pins. Google’s search games are geographically based. It’s a game in which you ask questions about various sites across the world. Then you must respond to the question by placing your marker on Google Maps. The first step in this challenge is to choose one of your topics, such as geography, science, cultural entertainment, and so on. The most intriguing part of the game is that you earn a gift after answering the five needed questions!

Trick #22: Quick Draw( Google Search Game)

Quick Draw may be used to play another Google search game. In this game, Google asks the user to doodle anything on a webpage, then the Google network searches for the doodle. It’s entertaining to watch as Google continues to predict your doodle as you create!

I hope you liked reading about these incredible Google techniques, such as how to execute an Askew, barrel roll, or games like sketching swiftly. If you’re a fan, have a peek and have fun today!

Trick #23: Go to Mars.

Everyone is heading to Mars these days. You can, too! You, too, can! You may explore the crimson world by typing Google Mars into Google’s search area.

Google has come up with great innovation. It is both safer and simpler than going off in a rocket.

It’s also entirely free!

The solution to your problems
Are you disheartened? Do you wish to discover the answer? Google will respond to your query by simply entering an answer to the universe and everything into its search bar.

Yup. You can now unwind.

This conclusive response pays homage to Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, which first made this assertion.

To summarise…

You may still require more everyday, practical, and common-sense marketing advice.

Trick #24: Use a dice, color picker, metronome, or flip a coin.

This is a quick and simple method to play a variety of dice games while on the go! Google will search for the term roll dice or roll die to provide a simulated dice-tossing experience. There are several dice combinations and styles to choose from. To begin rolling the dice, click the blue “roll” button.


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