How To Retain The Attention Of Employees During A Virtual Meeting?

virtual meeting

Remote work is becoming a normal practice in numerous businesses. Ever since the pandemic set in, more organizations are permitting their representatives to telecommute until social distancing is not a norm. At the point when company pioneers and directors focus on representative commitment and collaboration, no matter what a worker’s location is, the association overall flourishes.

Said that keeping telecommuters connected via virtual meetings platform during the COVID-19 pandemic can be a test, yet these are some ways that leaders can guarantee their teams stays useful and inspired. Along these lines, peruse through!


Amongst other things, the employee’s well-being ought to be all organizations’ topmost priority. Toward the day’s end, on the off chance that the workers become ill, they will not have the option to perform at their most significant level – or by any stretch of the imagination. In such a case, the leaders might act as a motivator for their team to get outside, cook a respectable feast, practice or make a sound habit for some kind or another. They could begin a health program for their beloved team (one month of day-to-day strolls, 30 days of yoga practices, and so on.)

Engaging would unite the employees by demonstrating to them that the leaders care about their general prosperity, thereby subsequently increasing their overall well-being. Hence, leaders should search for ways of making sound propensities easier to rehearse, such as by permitting a more extended noontime break for exercises or letting them off earlier on a pleasant day to partake in the daylight.


Numerous remote employees keep up with customary correspondence through several features provided by a virtual corporate meeting platform, like chat and video call visits, etcetera. A video or voice conferencing call can go quite far to empower team coordinated effort, at the time when the entire team is working together.

As it is known, it means a lot to design virtual social meetings which involve conversations unrelated to the business. At work, there is continuously something upsetting to talk about, yet leaders should avoid making each discussion feel feared and tense. To achieve that, they can set aside a few minutes for work excursions or relaxed video calls to keep representatives drawn in and eager to be a member of the team.


The representatives have the right to feel appreciated, irrespective of how far or near they are from the workplace. Since leaders are not synchronized with them every day to broaden a fast thank-you or take them out somewhere else for their work commemoration, they ought to track down little ways of commending their representatives as frequently as could be expected.

They could send a virtual gift voucher if it is an employee’s birthday; or plan a group call to celebrate employees’ endeavors, if they excel at tasks. Like this, leaders should search for easy yet meaningful demonstrations to show their team members that they care about them.

Moreover, they should ensure that their virtual AGM platform is open 100% of the time. Leaders should readily seek clarification on pressing issues or voice concerns, miscommunications are normal between telecommuters, and the last thing needed is for the representatives to feel like they cannot converse with their employers. Leaders should clarify when they are free and open for one-on-one conversations, and truly tune in and make a positive move when the representative trusts in them.


While leaders need to be proficient with their team members, they should remember that their laborers are as yet human. They have friends and family, festivities, and awful days like every other person. As a business, leaders should perceive their assets, shortcomings, and interests to all the more likely to interface with them.

Indeed, even with something as basic as rewards or bonuses, speaking with representatives about their singular encounters in a customized, important way stands apart to telecommuters. On the off chance that they realize they are cared about as individuals and as workers, motivates distant employees to familiarize themselves with their leaders and fellow organization members, and overall keeps them on track with their tasks.


Every once in a while, far-off representatives feel that their team and they are not working in sync, as they are not around, and this is true, particularly for the individuals who work operate from outside the organization’s time region or work modern hours. While it is difficult to anticipate that everybody should be available day in and day out, the realization that they can keep in contact through computerized correspondence assists the remote laborers with feeling more associated.


Gamification, the utilization of game-playing components to nongame conditions, has turned into a famous strategy for organizations to energize client devotion and commitment in a great manner. Similar strategies of empowering rivalries and compensations for ordinary exercises can be a powerful worker commitment procedure.


Working remotely is quite difficult for some, as there will more often be interruptions like tasks, flatmates or house members, and online means of entertainment at home. In such a case, the most ideal way to check the representatives’ dedication levels is by essentially gathering some information by inquiring about their energy levels and work progress. Leaders can likewise screen their advancement on tasks and defy any worries they could have about their exhibition.


All in all, leaders should avoid being the reason behind representatives’ non-communication during conferences on a virtual team meeting platform like Dreamcast. They can achieve this by attempting to deter from making superfluous declarations during the meeting, rather than choosing to email for that; and if they have any desire to make the participants interface, then they should ensure their voices and suppositions are heard. Until next time!

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